November December 2021


Cover Profile

The Ryland way

Ryland Environmental prioritizes people and customers to drive profits and thrive in the Georgia market.

M&A Recap

Hot garbage

The waste and recycling sectors are attracting capital thanks to favorable balance sheets and a tie-in to combating carbon emissions.

SOI Contracts

Contract clarity

Shifting end markets and pricing for recyclables have MRF operators and local governments in search of contracts that work for all parties.

Fleet Management

A team effort

Team Waste’s introduction of FleetMind technology has helped fine-tune its fleet operations while cutting its costs.


Rooted in efficiency

Napa Recycling & Waste Services works to establish comprehensive organics recycling services through the adoption of new technology.


Employees wanted

Since the start of the pandemic, the pool of prospective candidates for waste and recycling industry jobs has dwindled.