1. Genesis GHG handling grapple. Genesis Attachments, headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin, has released its handling grapple, the GHG, designed with streamlined features that require less maintenance, the company says. Features include:

  • a single, oversized cylinder with dual drag links
  • grease fittings in the streamlined tine, frame and linkage design made to decrease downtime
  • designed for waste handling and recycling, construction and demolition (C&D) material handling and sorting and primary demolition applications
  • available with perforated or heavy-duty ribbed tines that, Genesis says, assist in compacting material

Visit www.genesisattachments.com to learn more.

2. Q.E.D. Environmental Power Pro ESP electric sampling pump. Q.E.D. Environmental Systems Inc., headquartered in Dexter, Michigan, has announced the release of its Power Pro ESP electric sampling pump. Features of the sampling pump include:

  • combines features of two common types of electric groundwater sampling pumps, the high-powered pump and the disposable pump, into one unit
  • designed for low-flow sampling with low power consumption and smart sensor capabilities
  • an in-water sensor made to indicate when the pump has hit water and numbered hash marks on the cable designed to measure past the water line
  • the sensor stops the pump when it no longer detects water and automatically restarts it when the water level recovers

Visit www.qedenv.com for more information.

3. Wheel-Check the loose wheel-nut indicator. The Wheel-Check, made in Toronto, can aid in identifying a loose wheel nut with a simple visual inspection. When the wheel nuts are properly torqued to specs, the Wheel-Checks are then placed on the wheel nuts in a uniform pattern. Features include:

  • becomes out of sequence once a wheel-nut has loosened
  • 17-plus sizes available with custom sizes and colors
  • heat sensitive

Visit www.wheel-check.com for more information.

4. CleanRiver Flex E recycled content collection bins. CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, based in Aurora, Ontario, has introduced the Flex E bin, a recycling bin it says is ideal for classrooms, recreational facilities, cafeterias, manufacturing facilities, offices, parking garages and other public spaces. Features of the Flex E bin include:

  • collecting up to three streams in one 50-gallon bin
  • allows programs to change streams and adjust volume requirements per container in less than five minutes
  • the bag tie feature, hinged lid and handles are designed for easy and efficient service
  • handles are designed to make them easy to move
  • its vented design allows for easy bag removal

Visit www.cleanriver.com for more information.

5. Navistar OnCommand Connection telematics. Navistar, headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, has announced that its integrated OnCommand Connection Telematics solution, launched in March 2017, is available for purchase. Features include:

  • designed to handle federal and state compliance
  • a combined hardware and software solution designed to provide real-time vehicle data, linked to GPS and other data sources
  • a new version of the OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics system
  • OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log (EDL), which automates federal hours of service compliance requirements that are mandated for all heavy-duty trucks by Dec. 18, 2017

Visit www.navistar.com for more information.

6. Owens Corning GeoLap adhesive tape. Toledo, Ohio-based Owens Corning has introduced GeoLap adhesive tape, a taping solution designed specifically for its RhinoMat and RhinoSkin geomembrane applications. Features of the GeoLap include:

  • incorporates high-strength adhesive, extra width and thickness
  • designed for geomembrane patching, repair and protection
  • stable from -70 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and is volatile-organic-compound free
  • standard 100-foot length rolls with a 4-inch width

Visit www.owenscorning.com for more information.

7. Strautmann LiquiDrainer compact container recycling system. Glandorf, Germany-based Strautmann Umwelttechnik, a maker of balers and briquetters, is now offering the LiquiDrainer for material recovery facilities. Features of the LiquiDrainer include:

  • drains and compacts beverage containers, such as TetraPak cartons and aluminum beverage cans
  • containers are first punctured so the liquids flow out
  • empty containers are compressed into bales and briquettes
  • residual liquids pass through a coarse filter and can be diverted toward anaerobic digestion or biogas plants
  • has been used to handle polyethylene terephthalate (PET), cardboard and plastic film

Visit www.strautmann-umwelt.de for more information.

8. Eriez P-Rex rare earth scrap drums. Eriez, Erie, Pennsylvania, has introduced its P-Rex rare earth scrap drums, primarily targeting the scrap recycling sector. The company says these units now are operating across North America in a wide variety of recycling systems in addition to boosting ferrous recovery rates at waste-to-energy and slag recycling facilities. Eriez says its features include:

  • up to 40 percent stronger permanent magnetic circuit than standard electromagnets
  • moves large spherical objects
  • designed to pull more ferrous objects and to facilitate more agitation to remove residual waste

Visit www.eriez.com for more information.