Texas Disposal Systems introduces customer reminder tool

Texas Disposal Systems (TDS), a solid waste collection, processing and disposal company headquartered in Creedmoor, Texas, has launched a customized waste collection reminder tool called Waste Wizard for its residential customers across central Texas.

Through the Waste Wizard tool, available on the TDS website and its Facebook page, residents can find their collection schedule, sign up for collection day reminders and be notified of any service changes, TDS says. Residents can sign up for a waste collection reminder through email, phone call or text message, and download collection schedules into Apple iCalendar, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Waste Wizard also notifies customers of any schedule changes because of inclement weather, holidays, truck issues or route changes and any upcoming events. Residents also will receive information about TDS’ seasonal campaigns, such as bulk garbage pickups, leaf collection and Christmas tree recycling.

The tool also includes a “What Goes Where?” feature where residents can confirm where items should be sorted in residential waste streams, including waste and recycling. Additionally, the tool offers a game, Eco Sort, which teaches proper disposal techniques. This game is made to allow residents of all ages to build their own virtual park and print out a certificate of completion.