BHS to supply MRF system in the Sooner State

Oklahoma-based American Waste Control (AWC) has selected Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) to supply a replacement of the company’s single-stream recycling system that was heavily damaged by a fire this spring.

According to BHS, the new material recovery facility (MRF) system in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will boost throughput by 33 percent and increase AWC’s targeted recovery performance on its fiber and container lines with the addition of the latest BHS optical and robotic sorting.

The new design includes BHS “no wrap” Tri-Disc screens, National Recovery Technology (NRT) optical and Max-AI artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Max-AI technology has been designed to identify recyclables similar to the way a person does, plus collect and report material characterization information.

As part of the new AWC system, nine Max-AI AQC (Autonomous Quality Control) robotic sorters will identify and pull residue and return recyclables from sort positions. The robotic sorters include a Max-AI AQC-C unit, plus a CoBot that is designed to work alongside people and can be installed on narrow walkways and other tight locations with minimal structural requirements and footprint.

“The industry has changed, and this new system will bring Tulsa to the forefront of recycling excellence,” says AWC Vice President of Recycling Robert Pickens. “BHS offers the overall quality, partnership and advanced technology to help AWC achieve the throughput and quality to meet our business goals. We believe the future of recycling will rely heavily on using technology and data to optimize performance, and the Max-AI and NRT equipment in this system will deliver that for our operation. We are excited for our future and confident that this innovative technology will empower us to meet recycling expectations for our community and for our business.”

BHS Sales Director Paul Holman comments, “This single-stream system is an excellent example of new technology being used to adapt to change in the industry. The system features proven screen technology to increase throughput and precisely present material downstream to NRT and Max-AI sorters to maximize both recovery and product purity. We are thrilled to deliver this creative solution to meet our customer’s business objectives. I want to thank the AWC team for choosing BHS and we look forward to our future collaboration.”

BHS describes itself as a worldwide leader in the innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of sorting systems and components for the solid waste, recycling, waste-to-energy and construction and demolition industries.

Toter to supply Sourcewell co-op members

The Toter brand of Wastequip says it has secured a five-year contract with Minnesota-based Sourcewell that will provide Sourcewell’s members with access to the Toter Waste and Recycling Collection Solutions product line. Sourcewell is a government agency and service cooperative with more than 50,000 participating entities.

According to Toter, the Sourcewell purchasing program is tied to more than 400 “competitively solicited contracts to government, education and nonprofit entities throughout North America.” By using Sourcewell contracts, participating agencies save time and money by capturing the buying power of more than 50,000 organizations, Toter adds.

“Solidifying this contract provides a strong partnership to supply Toter products to Sourcewell at agencies quickly and efficiently,” says Laura Hubbard, director of municipal sales for Toter. “Working with Sourcewell’s vast network of agencies provides the company with the ability to supply products to both residential and professional customers through one vendor.”

The Toter business unit of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wastequip describes itself as a leading provider of waste and recycling carts to haulers and municipalities in North America.

Midwest Crushing & Screening to represent Terex Ecotec in Wisconsin

Terex Ecotec, with U.S. headquarters in Newton, New Hampshire, announced that Midwest Crushing & Screening will now represent the brand in Wisconsin, expanding on its current territory in Illinois. Midwest Crushing & Screening, with headquarters in Crestwood, Illinois, will immediately assume responsibilities for sales, rentals, service and parts related to Terex Ecotec equipment.

Terex Ecotec’s product portfolio consists of shredders, trommel screens, recycling screens, metal separators, and conveyors.

Midwest Crushing & Screening has supplied mobile materials processing equipment to Illinois and Wisconsin since 2008. They offer rental equipment, parts, on-site service and freighting services. In addition to expanding their territory coverage of Terex Ecotec, Midwest Crushing & Screening will soon be opening the doors of its new location in Polk, Wisconsin.

“Midwest Crushing & Screening is already a proven dealership in their regional environmental markets,” says George Wilcox, sales and marketing director at Terex Ecotec. “We’re glad that the timing of this territory expansion will coincide with the opening of their new facility in Polk, Wisconsin.”

Big Truck Rental adds McNeilus Cart Seeker to rental offerings

Big Truck Rental (BTR), Tampa, Florida, has announced the purchase of the Zero Radius Side Loader with CartSeeker Curbside Automation from McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Dodge Center, Minnesota.

“We are an innovative and technology-focused organization, and the addition of the McNeilus Zero Radius Automated Side Loader sweetens our rental offerings,” says Zach Martin, president of Big Truck Rental. “This truck’s recent enhancements, including the CartSeeker Curbside Automation technology, allow us to put leading-edge technology in front of our customers. The truck is ready to go to work, so folks should reach out to BTR if they’re interested in trying it out.”

“We’re thrilled that our top-selling side loader with this innovative technology will be running with one of our loyal partners, BTR,” says Matt McLeish, vice president of sales and marketing at McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing. “Our Zero Radius Side Loader has also recently been enhanced with several field-proven upgrades, and we’re excited to get them in the hands of our customers.”

McNeilus has partnered with Eagle Vision Systems to offer its patented, artificial intelligence-based CartSeeker Curbside Automation. This cart-recognition technology identifies and locates curbside waste carts and fully automates the operation of the truck’s robotic lift arm without joystick manipulation. According to McNeilus, this helps with cycle times, training time, safety, predictable scheduling and maintenance.  

CartSeeker is included in McNeilus’s latest enhancements for its Zero Radius Automated Side Loader, which features a large hopper and a fast pack cycle.

This side loader offers an innovative zero-radius operation to combat clearance issues, narrow streets, and alleyways. The arm reaches, rather than swings, out to grab cans from 30 to 110 gallons. The McNeilus CODE system provides complete vehicle diagnostics, and the Zero Radius is also now available with Tailgate CNG.

This vehicle’s design includes arm carriage enhancements, upgraded finger pins and finger weldments bushings. The new bolt-on wind guards can be replaced as often as needed. Maintenance and servicing are also now easier, according to McNeilus, thanks to a larger access door on the truck’s street side. McNeilus CODE software updates further enhance operator experience and help improve ease of training.