Fronteq container tipping system.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa-based Fronteq has introduced its new Revolution Container Loader & Mover straddle carrier. Features of the new tipping system include:

  • can move, lift, stack and turn containers to support the containerization of bulk material
  • a tilting spreader that can be used with 20- and 40-foot containers
  • the possibility to turn full containers to a maximum 90 degrees to allow vertical loading and unloading of bulk material
  • increased efficiency, productivity, storage capacity and reduced pollution

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Eriez RevX-E eccentric eddy current separators.

Erie, Pennsylvania-based Eriez has introduced an updated version of its RevX-E. Features of the separators include:

  • an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within a nonconductive shell for the separation of nonferrous metals
  • an updated design that takes up less floor space and incorporates a cantilevered frame that enables maintenance staff to change the belt in less than 10 minutes
  • large access panels all around the machine which are designed to make entry for maintenance hassle-free
  • direct drives for the rotor and conveyor and a new hood with an adjustable splitter that allows operators to handle nonferrous materials in varying sizes and ensure optimum separation

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Columbus McKinnon’s Intelli-Lift System.

Columbus McKinnon Corp. (CMCO), Getzville, New York, has launched the Magnetek brand Intelli-Lift System. Features of the system include:

  • helps prevent load swing caused by load misalignment when the rope and hook are not vertical
  • can detect snagged conditions that can occur along the travel path or when moving hooks, slings and rigging to the next lift
  • uses sensors to activate directional lights and a programmable warning horn if it detects a side pull or off-center pick
  • assists operators, through manual or automatic adjustment, to center the bridge and trolley over the load before it is hoisted

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Samuel Packaging Systems Gen2 PET Bale Tie System.

Woodridge, Illinois-based Samuel Packaging Systems Group, a division of Samuel, Son & Co. Ltd., has released its Gen2 PET Bale Tie System. Features of the system include:

  • polyester strapping that offers added safety over wire along with improved strength and seal performance
  • a plug-and-play bale tie system, adaptable with any two-ram baler
  • an all-electric system that eliminates the need for hydraulic fluids, reducing the chance for maintenance issues
  • serves a variety of recycling and production segments, including nonferrous, single-stream recycling, waste to energy, fiber and more

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