Waste Pro drivers receive safety bonuses

Seven Waste Pro drivers from the Columbus, Mississippi, office are being recognized for their safe driving habits.

At an awards banquet held July 27, drivers Eddie Washington, Kenneth Eckford, Johnathan Moody, L.W. Jefferson, Jerry Harris, Willie Beard and Lennard Brown were each presented with the Longwood, Florida-based company’s $10,000 safety bonus. Washington, Moody, Jefferson and Brown also received the bonus in 2015 and were awarded plaques denoting six years of exceptional service and an excellent safety record at the banquet.

The $10,000 Safety Award Bonus is given to drivers who have a spotless work record for three years, excellent customer service, no accidents, injuries or property damage, a positive attitude and attendance record and a well-kept truck. Waste Pro says it is the only company in the United States that offers this bonus to drivers.

“I could not be prouder of the accomplishments of this great group of employees and the management team. It takes a team effort to maintain the safety culture that is happening in Columbus,” Alan Reed, regional driver trainer in Columbus, says. “It takes a lot of teamwork with the employees encouraging each other, every employee having pride in what they do, respecting our customers and fellow employees, but mainly holding themselves accountable for shortfalls and each employee celebrating each other’s victories. We are a family that respects each other, and each employee is passionate at striving to be the best driver possible and to assist those who are not there yet. We are a family with pride using teamwork and respect to accomplish safety.”