Vecoplan VEZ 3200 preshredder.

Vecoplan, High Point, North Carolina, says it has developed a high-performance, single-shaft preshredder, the VEZ 3200, that is suitable for making refuse-derived fuel from production waste, packaging material and domestic and commercial waste. Features of the VEZ 3200 include:

  • has a lower loading edge to simplify feeding with wheel loaders and stacker trucks
  • bales measuring up to nearly 4 feet can be directly fed into the machine
  • enclosed design conceals all danger points, sensors and wires to protect against dirt and stray material
  • rotor with hardened individual knives can be rotated and used up to four times

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International Baler ATX auto-tie baler.

International Baler Corp. (IBC), Jacksonville, Florida, has begun producing its ATX auto-tie baler series, which the company describes as a high-volume, “European-style” baler for material recovery facility (MRF) and municipal solid waste (MSW) applications. Features of the ATX series include:

  • ideal for single- and dual-stream recycling facilities, large fiber processors and municipalities where speed is a necessity
  • capable of processing more than 60,000 cubic feet of material per hour
  • throughputs of up to 50 tons per hour
  • equipped with a 10-inch (5,000 pounds per square inch) main bore cylinder and a jam-clear stamper

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Paris Site Furnishings RC series recycling containers.

Ontario, Canada-based Paris Site Furnishings has introduced its RC series recycling containers, designed to be customized with openings and graphics to match the contents collected. Features of the RC series containers include:

  • available as one-, two- or three-unit recycling stations
  • uses 34-gallon containers
  • ideal for collection of recycling in parks, recreational areas and other public use sites
  • made with hollow-structure steel tubing and galvanized sheet metal

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Liftomatic 3A-HD-BHDL below-hook drum handling system.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based Liftomatic Material Handling Inc.,a material handling equipment manufacturer, has expanded its line of drum handling equipment to include the new 3A-HD-BHDL model, a below-hook drum handling system. Features of the 3A-HD-BHDL include:

  • a fully automatic and mechanical below-hook attachment
  • can be used to lift 55-gallon drums from an overhead position for placement or removal from containment devices such as scales and pallets
  • works with three radial arms that conform to the drum body and engage at the underside of the drum chime on many steel or plastic drums
  • has a working capacity of up to 3,000 pounds per drum

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Asgco overhead magnetic separator.

Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Asgco is describing its Complete Conveyor Solutions magnetic separator as an overhead magnet and powerful nonelectric material separator that can be suspended over a conveyor or head pulley to remove ferrous metals. Features of the magnetic separator include:

  • requires no external power source
  • can extract ferrous contamination, including very fine particles, in dry or wet conditions
  • ideally suited for material recovery facilities (MRFs), mixed metal recycling, e-scrap, construction and demolition (C&D) materials and more
  • designed to attract metal that is automatically and continuously removed from the magnet face by a belt that travels around the body of the magnet

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Pellenc Mistral+ sorting machine.

Pertuis, France-based Pellenc ST says it can help recyclers meet the growing restrictions imposed on exporters sending scrap paper shipments to China with its Mistral+ sorting machine. Features of the Mistral+ include:

  • a dedicated sorting configuration to remove brown cardboard from a deinking stream
  • easy maintenance and reduced downtime
  • real-time statistical and maintenance analysis to maximize site operational performance options
  • robust construction combined with smart technology

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Lindner Atlas primary shredder.

Lindner, Spittal an der Drau, Austria, introduced its Atlas primary shredder at IFAT 2018 in Munich. The company says this stationary “ripping” twin-shaft primary shredder complements the tried-and-tested Jupiter series. Features of the Atlas primary shredder include:

  • both shafts of the shredding unit can rotate independently
  • shredding takes place in both directions
  • peak throughput of 40 to 50 metric tons per hour
  • a torque-limiting safety clutch that protects the drive unit from damage in the event of blockages caused by nonshreddable materials

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Vecoplan VecoBelt pipe belt conveyers.

With its VecoBelt series, High Point, North Carolina-based Vecoplan offers pipe belt conveyors that it says are ideal for transporting almost all bulk materials, including processed industrial and production waste. The company says it has now enhanced the system by implementing a roller-free belt return. Features of the pipe belt conveyors include:

  • a completely closed transport system that conveys the material mix safely
  • supported by an air cushion in the belt feed and belt return
  • each drive station is equipped with two scrapers
  • can convey bulk material over a length of up to 1,410 feet and with a volume flow of 35,315 cubic feet per hour

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