The Camper waste and recycling receptacle.

Ontario, Canada-based Tuffboxx has introduced the new dual-stream Camper waste and recycling receptacle strong enough to keep out almost any form of wildlife, the company says. The receptacle is a waste storage solution for campgrounds, parks, apartments, small businesses, fire departments and more. Features of the Camper include:

  • two 32-gallon containers made of galvanized steel to keep animals out
  • an interior hopper to direct waste to the inner liner and minimize waste deflection
  • a mounting system on the base to secure the receptacle
  • the option of mailbox-style chutes that close safely by gravity, or a top lid with 10” diameter chute holes to limit the size of waste

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CP Anti-Wrap Screen.

San Diego-based CP Group has introduced the CP Anti-Wrap Screen for material recovery facilities to separate newspaper and large fiber from material with high-amplitude elliptical discs. Other features of the Anti-Wrap Screen include:

  • high-agitation discs and extra-large rotor shafts to mitigate wrapping and reduce jamming
  • one-bolt discs that are easy to change
  • a foolproof lock out, tag out mechanism with a larger access door
  • a non-pinching motion to eliminate jamming

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Goodyear Endurance WHD retread.

Goodyear Endurance WHD retread is the newest addition to the Akron, Ohio-based company’s total solution of products, services and management tools for waste haulers. Features include:

  • a dual-layer tread compound for slow tread wear and low rolling resistance
  • a deep 32/32” tread depth to help extend the miles to removal
  • self-cleaning grooves to help evacuate mud and snow
  • a variety of different sizes

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Phoenix 1600 trommel screen.

Westport, Connecticut-based Terex Corporation has released its Phoenix 1600 trommel screen to screen a variety of material, including topsoil, compost, sand and gravel, wood chips and C&D waste. Features include:

  • low engine RPM with a fuel-save mode to create high fuel efficiency with low operating costs
  • a four-wheel-drive system with high-performance friction grip wheels to turn the trommel drum and give operators the ability to run bi-directionally
  • Woven mesh or heavy-duty punch plate panels that can be fitted to the 16’x5’ drum to ensure all application requirements are met
  • a 180-degree swivel fines conveyor with a discharge height of 19’4” that can be controlled with a remote

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Remcon Plastics HBD bins.

Reading, Pennsylvania-based Remcon Plastics Inc. has launched two new eco-friendly, heavy-duty, high-bulk-density reusable polyethylene bins: the HBD-TR and the HBD-FB. Features include:

  • detachable lids with optional drainage plugs
  • a max load weight of 6,000 pounds
  • use for a variety of products, including metal, ceramic powders and metal recycling
  • stackability and detachable pallets (on the HBD-FB only)

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Air-Weigh BinMaxx Cloud weigh-in-motion scale.

Air-Weigh, Eugene, Oregon, has debuted the BinMaxx Cloud. The product combines the features of its front-loading BinMaxx Scale with a cloud-based portal. Features of the BinMaxx Cloud include:

  • a front-end loader arm scale that uses cloud-based technology to collect and store data automatically via Bluetooth technology
  • the ability to identify and record each lift daily
  • a portal that displays container weight, lift locations, pickup fees and expected landfill charges
  • the ability to generate detailed lift reports in spreadsheet and PDF formats

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Liftomatic 10HT-4W four-wheel hand truck.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based Liftomatic Material Handling Inc. released the Liftomatic 10HT-4W. The model 10HT-4W is a four-wheel hand truck designed with ergonomic safety in mind, which reduces the need for an operator to bear the weight of the load during transport. Features of the 10HT-4W include:

  • a design to handle all rimmed steel, fiber and plastic drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds
  • a drum truck with two 10-inch main wheels that have full roller bearings and two 4-inch swivel casters to support the drum
  • Liftomatic’s parrot-beak clamping design
  • a clamping mechanism that can be adjusted to handle all drum sizes from 10 to 85 gallons

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BinMaster Stockpile Reports estimating tool.

Lincoln, Nebraska-based BinMaster says the technology it offers can bring “precision and reliability to measuring and monitoring volume and tonnage in freestanding stockpiles.” Features of the Stockpile Reports estimating tool include:

  • automated pile measurement using pictures from a cell phone, drone, plane or fixed camera
  • data accessible and shareable on a web portal
  • a dashboard populated with photographs, site statistics and materials reports with vital information on the volume, tonnage and condition risks for each pile
  • ability for scalage from five to more than 500 piles for one site or for multiple locations managed by a company

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