The month of September was anything but ordinary for Florida residents. The threat of Hurricane Irma prompted the largest evacuation in that state’s history. When it finally did make landfall on the U.S. mainland Sept. 10, it brought with it winds with a strength that some had never experienced before.

The Renewable Energy from Waste Conference was planned for early October in Fort Myers, Florida. The area was among the worst affected parts of the state. Uncertainty regarding the state of the conference hotel and venue and the facility that was to be toured during the conference led us to cancel the event in its traditional form.

However, much of the planning and preparation for the conference did not go to waste. We were able to offer the event virtually. This solution was a way to provide the foremost knowledge available on waste conversion to those who were interested in learning about the subject. And, as it turned out, many of you were.

To all of our presenters, attendees and sponsors, thank you for your willingness to adapt to the new format and for logging into your computers Oct. 3 and 4 to join us for the conference. And thanks to our conference partner, Gershman, Brickner and Bratton Inc., who supported the decision.

Moving the waste conversion industry forward is only possible when outlets are available to share information. That is why we decided to offer this Renewable Energy from Waste Supplement to the November/December issue of Waste Today in addition to the virtual event.

We hope you gain the valuable insights that a face-to-face event would have provided through the package we have developed in its place.