Taylor Machine T-1025 Recycler wheel loader.

Taylor Machine Works Inc., Louisville, Mississippi, has announced the release of the T-1025 Recycler wheel loader. Created to provide customers with one source for their heavy lifting equipment needs, features of the new model include:

  • A max hinge pin height of 182 inches and a max dump reach of almost 48 inches, helping to make loading and cleanup easier
  • Provides more safety for operators and improved durability while remaining reliable
  • Offers a panoramic view from the cab, allowing for a better line of sight.
  • Has several optional attachments, such as buckets, forks and grapples; solid tire configurations; and a payload weighing system

Visit www.taylorforklifts.com for more information.

Starlight Sales Point web application.

Denver-based Starlight Software Solutions has introduced the Starlight SalesPoint, a retail web application for roll-off businesses which allows customers to rent a dumpster remotely through a transaction web page. Features of the application include:

  • Allows roll-off subscribers to customize the product to look and feel like an integrated part of their existing website
  • Designed to have dynamic and detailed configuration capabilities for businesses to input unique information, such as drawing service areas and outlining map-based pricing zones
  • Offered as a standalone product or connected to the Starlight Software Solutions suite of applications for a higher level of scalability
  • Manages the delivery, pickup, disposal, work order completion and reporting to the customer, including any final billing for daily usage or overages if needed

Visit www.starlightsoftwaresolutions.com for more information.

Wooster Products Flex-Tred tape.

Wooster Products, Wooster, Ohio, has introduced Flex-Tred die-cut and anti-slip tapes for enhanced safety around the workplace. Designed to provide a higher coefficient of friction on industrial equipment, features of the adhesive include:

  • Available in standard die-cut sizes or in custom die cuts to suit specific requirements
  • Can bend over sharp 90-degree angles without fracturing
  • Resistant to motor oil, detergent, hydraulic oil and UV oil, and will tolerate steam and detergent cleaning
  • Ideal for applications on gas and brake pedals, mowers, snow groomers, tow motors and forklifts, scaffolds and more.

Visit www.woosterproducts.com for more information.

Southwestern Sales Tactical Textile cover tarps.

Southwestern Sales Co., Rodgers, Arkansas, has introduced its new Tactical Textile alternative daily cover tarps in response to the increased threat landfill operators face with workface surface fires. Features of the tarp include:

  • Fire-retardant additives to inhibit or delay ignition of lithium-ion battery ruptures
  • Hinders fire propagation and self-extinguishing
  • Increased UV protection for extended coverage
  • Tightly woven polypropylene weave resists zipper-tearing

Visit www.tarpARMOR.com for more information.