NWRA launches Colorado chapter

The National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA), Arlington, Virginia, announced April 13 that it has established a chapter in Colorado, strengthening its presence in the Rocky Mountain state.

“Our state chapters serve to amplify the voice of our members in the states where they operate,” NWRA President and CEO Darrell Smith says. “So many issues important to our industry start at the state and local level; our state chapters are a valuable resource for members to advocate on behalf of the waste and recycling industry. I am pleased that the waste and recycling companies in Colorado see the value in establishing a chapter with us.”

The chapter will focus on flow control, permitting local ordinances and technologically enhanced naturally occurring radiative materials (TENORM) legislation.

“There is a lot of energy from members around forming this chapter,” NWRA Sunbelt Regional Director Kirsti Nelson says. “Colorado has many independent haulers that can now align with larger ones in a unified voice around common issues to their public officials.”

The chapter elected Scott Hutchings, director of government affairs at Houston-based Waste Management, as its chairman and Bryce Isaacson, vice president of sales and marketing at Boulder, Colorado-based Western Disposal Services, as its vice chairman.

NWRA’s Sunbelt regional office is exploring expanding the group to a multistate chapter.