Frontier Waste Holdings forms as a municipal solid waste management company

Frontier Waste Holdings has announced the formation of a new, regionally focused municipal solid waste management company in partnership with John Gustafson, Austin, Texas-based Blue Sage Capital and Trailcreek Capital Group, Denver. Headquartered in Dallas, Frontier is a provider of solid waste services to the municipal, residential, commercial and industrial markets.

The initial Frontier platform includes the acquisitions of Access Disposal Services, serving Hillsboro, Texas, and the market area between Waco and Fort Worth, Texas, and K2 Waste Solutions, servicing the areas around Corpus Christi and Liberty County, Texas.

As part of the acquisitions, Tim Henderson (Access) and Bill Killian (K2) have joined the Frontier leadership team. Leading Frontier is CEO John Gustafson, a veteran in the waste industry with prior experience in senior management roles at Progressive Waste Solutions and IESI.

Jake Friemel also has joined the company as chief financial officer. Previously, Friemel worked at Comerica as a vice president in the bank’s environmental services department. As Frontier’s CFO, Friemel brings deep industry knowledge and an extensive network within the solid waste industry, the company says.

Gustafson says, “I am very pleased to announce the formation of Frontier along with our partnership with Blue Sage and Trailcreek. Further, we are extremely fortunate at this early stage to add Bill Killian, Tim Henderson and Jake Friemel to our senior management team. The collective experience of our management group and board provides an excellent foundation for us to grow Frontier into a leader in the solid waste industry.”

Peter Huff, co-founder and managing member of Blue Sage, says, “We are excited to partner with John Gustafson and Trailcreek to form Frontier. John’s previous roles highlight his ability to build and grow a successful waste services business, and the team he put together has the experience and talent to help execute on our plans for Frontier’s growth.”

Frontier Waste Holdings says it continues to seek acquisition opportunities in the solid waste industry, particularly within Texas.

Meridian Waste Solutions acquires technology service provider and app developer

Meridian Waste Solutions Inc., a vertically integrated, nonhazardous solid waste services company headquartered in Atlanta, has acquired Mobile Science Technologies Inc., a technology service provider and builder of apps in Milton, Georgia. Mobile Science Technologies will operate as wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Waste.

“Technology and innovation are critical to the growth and success of Meridian Waste,” says Jeffrey Cosman, chairman and CEO of Meridian Waste. “We plan to be the leaders within the environmental industry by showcasing the communications and engagement that can be created between our customers, including governments, residents and businesses, and our solid waste marketplace operations in St. Louis, Richmond, Virginia and future locations by utilizing the talent of our IT (information technology) development team and the speed and accuracy of today’s mobile technologies.”

Mobile Science Technologies develops and operates technology supporting Apple (IOS), Google (Android), ASP.NET/MSSQL, PHP/MYSQL, websites, hosting and security. The tech firm has been developing web-based software and mobile applications for the last six years.

Mobile Science Technologies’ Bright City platform of mobile apps was developed to help local governments streamline internal and external communications; expand community policing and security; expedite the flow of information to governmental departments; report information and issues faster and more accurately; generate revenue via event and ticket sales; and build trust among local governments and their citizens.