Tampa, Florida to build new transfer station

The city of Tampa, Florida, has announced the development of a new transfer station designed to help with transfer management as trash volume increases, a byproduct of the city's growth.

According to a city news release, the new 53,000-square-foot McKay Bay Transfer Station replaces the existing dumpsite and has an expanded residential drop-off area with 20 parking bays staffed by attendants to help guide users through the process.

The new transfer station also will contain a 30,000-square-foot tipping floor, doubling the site’s capacity and cutting wait times for large vehicles.

In addition, the facility will have a new break room and shower facility for workers.

“We know that this new transfer station - help provide an even higher level of customer service to our residents by cutting wait times and making the whole disposal process more efficient,” Mayor Jane Castor says in the news release. “Additionally, customers with smaller vehicles will no longer drop off waste alongside larger vehicles, making the disposal process even safer.”