Rotochopper MT Series trommel screen

Rotochopper, a Minnesota-based manufacturer specializing in grinding, shredding and support equipment, has introduced its MT Series trommel screen. Features of the screens include:

  • a compact footprint suitable for operations of any size
  • 135 horsepower to provide high-volume throughput of compost, organic soil, mulch, biomass and waste
  • seamless integration with existing equipment
  • a rotating screen drum with more than 300 square feet of screening area and angle adjustment capabilities

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Sparta Manufacturing nonwrap OCC screen

Sparta Manufacturing, based in New Brunswick, Canada, has launched its nonwrap OCC screen for single-stream and commercial material recovery facilities (MRFs). The OCC screen:

  • features specially shaped and sized steel discs to optimize the separation of OCC from paper, film and mixed recyclables
  • directs cleaned up OCC off the end of the screen
  • uses a bidirectional corkscrew design to omit the need for standard dual- and triple-deck OCC screens
  • helps MRFs reduce wrapping and associated maintenance

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Fire Rover OnWatch prevention monitor

Ferndale, Michigan-based Fire Rover has introduced an early fire-detection solution for landfills to its fire-prevention product line. The OnWatch monitor:

  • uses solar and wind power to remotely monitor thermal cameras and detect abnormal heat signatures at the landfill signaling possible fires
  • is designed to withstand the harsh environments of landfills
  • uses a 4G/5G cellular network to connect to the Fire Rover Monitoring Center for detection, identification and dispatch of emergency personnel
  • features Fire Rover’s automated suppression system
  • can also be used for outdoor piles, construction projects, wildfires, overflow tip floors and composting windrows

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Toter EVR-Green recycled cart

Toter, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based provider of waste and recycling containers, has introduced the EVR-Green 100-percent-recycled cart body. The cart:

  • is ideal for municipalities, residential users, commercial facilities, industrial facilities and waste haulers
  • comes in 32-, 48-, 64- and 96-gallon models
  • is manufactured with Toter’s advanced rotational molding process to ensure a stronger cart and more durable performance than injection-molded designs
  • includes Toter’s Rugged Rim, sealed stop bar journals and a granite finish
  • features a UV-stable, stress-free and zero-pressure single-piece design

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