Balcones celebrates 25th anniversary

Balcones Resources, Austin, Texas, celebrated its 25th anniversary Feb. 5. Balcones marked the milestone with a reception featuring the presentation of $25,000 in total donations to five Austin-area environmental organizations.

Balcones Resources began operations in 1994. Since its inception, founder and CEO Kerry Getter, the Balcones board of directors and shareholders have grown the company into a nationally recognized firm and one of the top 50 recyclers in North America. With more than 200 employees across its three locations, Balcones is a recycling partner for municipalities, multi-tenant facilities, corporate campuses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.

“We are so fortunate that others saw our vision and trusted us to help improve the recycling industry here in Central Texas and throughout the south-central region,” Getter says. “Reaching the 25-year milestone [offers] not just a time to reflect, but a time to look forward at what more we can do to leave things better than we find them and improve our community for generations to come. We’re honored to support the work of five incredible organizations that are preserving our natural resources and creating a sustainable future for all.”

In addition to the donations, Getter also spoke about the company’s continued efforts to innovate in the recycling industry. Since 1994, Balcones has diverted more than 3.5 million tons of recyclable materials from trash bins. Moving into 2019, the company is investing approximately $5 million in new technology to increase the recovery of recyclable material through advanced robotics and optical sorting units at its single-stream facilities.