Heil of Texas opens El Paso location

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Heil has announced that Heil of Texas has opened a new facility in El Paso, Texas.

Heil of Texas has been providing sales, parts and service to fleet owners since 2001 in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The El Paso facility will serve that region as well as New Mexico and will have eight service bays and a staff of trained technicians.

“Heil’s dealer network provides unequaled service to waste haulers throughout the country,” Pat Carroll, president of Heil, says. “In many parts of the country our competition is actually pulling out of some markets, so we’re proud to focus our efforts on supporting Heil of Texas and other Heil dealers as they continue to expand their territory to serve more customers.”

Heil of Texas sells and services all Heil products, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The company also operates two full-time service trucks to service the Rio Grande Valley, West Texas and New Mexico regions.

“We’re a total solutions provider, with three parts, service and sales locations in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio,” Larry C. Davis, co-founder of Heil of Texas, says. “Our El Paso location expands our reach so we can better serve our valued customers in New Mexico, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle.”

Davis spent 25 years in the solid waste industry on the chassis side before co-founding Heil of Texas, bringing his industry and dealership experience to the body side of the business. Through focused leadership, he says he hired a team of solid waste professionals and opened facilities statewide in order to offer service after the sale.

Heil of Texas represents four manufacturers that offer a variety of solid waste collection vehicles, bulk waste loaders, balers, sweepers and pothole patchers.

Heil, established in 1901, is an industry leader in automated waste collection technology and offers a broad product line, including front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, multicompartment vehicles and roll-off hoists. Heil is part of Environmental Solutions Group, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Eriez Metalworking Demo Truck kicks off tour on West Coast

A 32-foot demonstration truck from Eriez, Erie, Pennsylvania, is traveling across North America to train and educate customers and distributors. The diesel rig from Peterbilt, Denton, Texas, with a 24-foot equipment showroom, is starting off on the West Coast.

The Metalworking Demo Truck houses many of Eriez’s magnetic and vibratory material handling products and equipment from the company’s HydroFlow fluid recycling and fluid filtration lines. Demonstrations and workshops in the truck are tailored to assist participants in finding the material handling, fluid recycling and filtration equipment needed for their applications.

The rig serves as an interactive learning center that enables team members to customize drawings and fulfill other customer requests on demand. The truck’s onboard database provides instant access to Eriez brochures, photos and video presentations.

The Eriez Metalworking Demo Truck has logged more than 130,000 miles since its 2014 maiden voyage, visiting 41 states and four Canadian provinces. Approximately 3,500 participants have climbed aboard over the course of the truck’s more than 1,000 visits.

Andrew Kloecker, Eriez manager of metalworking distributor sales, says that in addition to demonstrating the company’s equipment on the truck, factory-trained staff can bring units inside customers’ facilities for analysis. “This mobile capability enables us to prove performance and show how Eriez technology can solve customers’ unique challenges,” he says. “For example, a fabricator can try out a range of SafeHold Lift Magnets to determine which one works best to move their steel parts, or a manufacturer can test their parts on a variety of Eriez conveyors to find the model best suited to their needs.”

To learn more about Eriez’ Metalworking Demo Truck and view a schedule of planned 2018 stops, go to www.eriez.com/Metalworking DemoTruck. To request a visit, contact Eriez and ask to speak with a metalworking team member.

Hyundai touts wheel loader safety feature

Norcross, Georgia-based Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has announced the availability of an All-Around View Monitoring (AAVM) system on new factory orders of Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders, which are available in the U.S. and Canada.

The new system was displayed publicly for the first time at the January 2018 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas on a Hyundai HL955 wheel loader. AAVM has been available as an option on Hyundai HX series excavators since October 2015.

Equipped with four cameras, including one each mounted on the left- and right-side mirrors, one on the front of the cab, and the standard backup camera mounted to the rear hood, the monitoring system has been designed to provide a 360-degree operating view of the job site.

“Safety on the job site is a necessity,” Corey Rogers, a marketing manager with Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, says. “Now with the new wheel loader AAVM system on our HL900 series, Hyundai provides owners and operators a safer solution than other options on the market.”

Included in the AAVM system is the Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) system that senses and warns the operator with onscreen flashing arrows and an alarm when objects come within either of two selectable ranges of the wheel loader (6.5 feet or 22.9 feet). The image is integrated into the Hyundai seven-inch color touchscreen cluster monitor located in the cab.

The AAVM system uses Hyundai’s imaging software to display multiple 3D and 2D views of the operator’s working environment, including a bird’s-eye view.

“Exclusive features like AAVM and a long list of standard features are combined on the Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders to give our customers what we call ‘the Hyundai edge’ —performance, convenience, serviceability and, of course, safety,” Rogers says. “The Hyundai edge is the result of innovation, world-class engineering and manufacturing, and components and systems sourced from trusted global suppliers.”

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. offers a line of wheel loaders, crawler excavators, wheeled excavators, compaction equipment, hydraulic breakers and forklifts.

Visit Hyundai online at www.hceamericas.com.

Case makes Michelin tires a factory option for its skid-steer loaders

Case Construction Equipment (Case CE), Racine, Wisconsin, has announced the availability of the X Tweel SSL all-terrain airless radial tires by Michelin, Greenville, South Carolina, as a factory-approved/supplied option on all skid-steer loader models the company offers. Airless radial tires perform just like a pneumatic tire, but without the risk and costly downtime associated with penetrations and impact damage, Case says, noting it is the first skid-steer loader original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to offer the Michelin X Tweel SSL from the factory.

The Michelin X Tweel SSL is one single unit, replacing traditional tire/wheel/valve assemblies. No complex wheel/tire mounting equipment is needed, and no air pressure needs to be maintained once each tire is bolted on. The AT models feature a deep open tread design to provide cleaning and traction and a deep layer of undertread, allowing the core to be retread many times, according to Case.

“Case offers a broad range of skid-steer tires to meet the needs of a variety of applications, from general dirt work and landscaping to road-building, excavation and mining/aggregate environments,” George MacIntyre, skid-steer loader product manager for Case, says. “The addition of airless radial tires to our lineup of factory-available options expands our current offering and shows our commitment to advanced technology, as well as our dedication to providing our customers with a growing array of machine options that can have a positive impact on total cost of ownership.”

The Michelin X Tweel SSL is designed to provide stability and enables a skid-steer loader to work rapidly with more comfort for the operator, reducing driver fatigue while improving productivity, Case says. It delivers a consistent footprint with strong wear life that is two-to-three times that of a pneumatic tire at equal tread depth.

The proprietary design provides great lateral stiffness while also resisting damage and absorbing impacts, the company says. Additionally, the unique energy transfer within the high-strength polyresin spokes reduces the “bounce” associated with pneumatic tires, according to Case.

More information on the Michelin X Tweel SSL is at www.michelintweel.com. More information on Case skid-steer loaders can be found at www.casece.com.

Bigbelly shares 2017 sales and growth

Bigbelly, a smart city solutions provider specializing in smart waste and recycling headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, has released company growth data for 2017. Deployed across all 50 states, the Canadian provinces and more than 50 countries, Bigbelly has sold 13,709,539 compactions, 2,456,062 collections and 18,304,538 internet of things connections last year.

“We are proud to partner with so many global communities leveraging technology to modernize a core service,” Brian Phillips, Bigbelly’s CEO, says. “Smart waste management is a proven, measurable and easy to implement component of successful smart cities, campuses and buildings. Our platform is the world leading entry point to these smart initiatives.”

Bigbelly launched Clean 5.0, an upgrade to the system’s software platform, in June. The product suite expanded with a new standard capacity smart bin that debuted in September. All smart stations now have options such as wheeled lift bins and an enclosed hopper design.

In 2017, the company also engaged Alex Gamota as senior vice president of information and communication technologies with the goal of driving its plans to bring its platform to market in 2018.

“We are extending our value by hosting wireless equipment within our core city infrastructure,” Phillips says. “Working with strategic telecommunication partners, we can drive smart city initiatives that modernize waste management and solve problems from the digital divide to bandwidth deficits in dense urban areas.”

O’Brian Tarping Systems names new VP of sales

O’Brian Tarping Systems, Wilson, North Carolina, announces that Monte Clindaniel has assumed the role of vice president of sales. Clindaniel will lead the development and execution of O’Brian Tarping Systems’ rebranding while focusing on its dealer program and customer development initiatives.

“Strong dealers are critical in providing local, professionally trained service the end user deserves,” Clindaniel says. “We intend to have every end user witness the bottom-line difference with O’Brian Tarping Systems’ value-added benefits and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).”

Prior to O’Brian Tarping Systems, Clindaniel had a 20-year career in national sales, municipal sales and dealer development for Charlotte, North Carolina-headquartered Wastequip/Toter LLC. While at Wastequip /Toter, he was the recipient of the Silver and Gold Millionaires’ Club award numerous times and was responsible for developing their dealer network. He was most recently a regional sales manager for Quebec-based Labrie, where he helped develop their first Mega-Stocking Dealer program.

“O’Brian Tarping Systems could not be more excited and proud to welcome Monte to our team,” Sean O’Brian, president and owner of O’Brian Tarping Systems, says. “Monte is a proven leader in the solid waste industry with an impressive knowledge of dealers and both municipal and private waste haulers. With his leadership and appetite for success, O’Brian Tarping Systems is poised to increase our market share by offering value-added products and exceptional service.

“O’Brian Tarping Systems’ nationwide dealer network and tarping equipment will play into Clindaniel’s strengths. With new innovative products in development, Monte will have the most complete and cutting-edge tarping systems behind him to cover our customers’ needs,” O’Brian says.