Cat Connect Product Link and VisionLink.

Caterpillar, Peoria, Illinois, launched its Cat Connect hardware and software, Product Link and VisionLink, to enable equipment managers to connect all of their assets, including light- and heavy-duty trucks and utility vehicles. Features include:

  • multiple communications channels, including cellular, satellite and Bluetooth
  • designed to use plug-and-play technology and apps for mobile devices
  • scalable to increase data collected as needed—from machine hours and location through machine health parameters and production numbers
  • a new tracking device for nonpowered assets, such as attachments and trailers, that reports location only
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Ridewell Air-Ride single-point suspension.

Ridewell Suspensions, Springfield, Missouri, has released the first model of its Air-Ride single-point suspensions in the new RAR-254. The single-point suspension leverages components of the RAR-266 suspension to provide the advantages of a single-point, pedestal-mount suspension, according to the company. Features include:

  • available in ride heights as low as 10 inches
  • can be integrated with Ridewell drum and disc brake axles
  • can be shipped fully assembled with prealigned axles and pivot hardware torqued to specification
  • narrow and wide bushing versions available
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NRT ColorPlus-R optical sorter.

National Recovery Technologies (NRT), Nashville, Tennessee, has added the ColorPlus-R to the company’s product offering. Similar to the ColorPlus, the ColorPlus-R uses an image processing system to detect materials based on color analysis and object recognition. Features include:

  • the ability to color analyze opaque objects
  • transmissive detection, which places the material between the light source and the detection camera
  • In-Flight sorting technology, which has the ability to detect and target objects in flight
  • the light source combined with In-Flight sorting allow the equipment to auto-calibrate
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Alliance Tire Group Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS.

The Wakefield, Massachusetts-based Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has introduced the Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS, a skid-steer tire featuring what ATG calls a “massive block tread pattern.” Other features include:

  • a self-cleaning chevron-and-block tread pattern
  • a 68 percent rubber-to-void ratio
  • available with and without apertures in 30-inch-by-10-inch-by-16-inch and 33-inch-by-12-inch-by-16-inche sizes
  • can be used in waste handling facilities, scrap metal yards, steel mills and rock quarries
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Doppstadt SM 720 SA Plus.

Doppstadt, with U.S. headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, has introduced the SM 720 SA Plus screening system. According to the company, features of the SM 720 SA Plus include:

  • an extra large screening area designed to provide maximum throughput capacity
  • a load-sensing feeder control
  • can be feed with large front loaders
  • can create up to six different fractions from construction rubble, industrial waste, biomass or garbage, plastic, glass, paper or wood, sand, gravel, scrap or slag
  • a 9.4-cubic-yard hopper that can be filled continuously and can receive and discharge more bulk material in less time
  • can be transported on a semitrailer without a special permit
  • complies with Tier 4 final exhaust limit values
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ASV Posi-Track VT-70 compact track loader.

ASV LLC, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, has introduced its first midframe, vertical-lift compact track loader, the Posi-Track VT-70. According to the company, other features of the machine include:

  • a vertical lift loader linkage for applications requiring extended reach and level loads
  • a single-level suspension made up of two independent torsion axles per undercarriage
  • 15-inch-wide tracks, resulting in a ground pressure of only 4.6 pounds per square inch
  • a Kubota 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 146 foot-pounds of torque
  • best-in-class rated operating capacity, cooling systems and hydraulic efficiency
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Michelin Power Digger off-road tire.

Tire manufacturer Michelin, with North American headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, has introduced its newest compact-line bias tire, the Power Digger. Features include:

  • designed for wheeled excavators with dual fitment for both original equipment and replacement applications
  • thicker sidewalls designed to better resist impacts
  • a pronounced center arch to contain more rubber
  • a load index of 147
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International Truck A26 engine.

Lisle, Illinois-based International Truck has launched the International A26 engine, a 12.4-liter engine designed to provide uptime to the Class 8 market. According to the company, other features of the engine include:

  • produces 475 horsepower and 1,750 foot-pounds of torque
  • a design that’s 600 to 700 pounds lighter than a traditional 15-liter big bore engine
  • weighs 2,299 pounds, 55 pounds lighter than the engine it competes with
  • a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty
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Vecoplan VSA bag opener.

Vecoplan, High Point, North Carolina, has developed the VSA 250 T bag opener designed to aid in continuously feeding recycled plastic, metal and composite packaging or household waste collected in bags into the sorting process. Features include:

  • can be loaded by using belt conveyors, shovel grabs or wheel loaders
  • designed to gently opens bags and empty them while keeping the recyclable materials intact
  • a cutting unit consisting of hammers welded onto the two rotors that operate inside the machine’s open cutting frame allow it to handle extraneous materials, such as stone or hand-sized pieces of metal
  • bulk density of around 8 pounds per cubic feet
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BioHiTech Global Revolution Series digesters.

BioHiTech Global Inc., Chestnut Ridge, New York, a waste management technology company, has announced the launch of the Revolution Series digesters, the company’s new sustainable food waste disposal solution designed for lower volume food waste generators. Features of the Revolution series include:

  • operates on standard 115-Volt power
  • can be connected to existing plumbing in about two hours
  • provides real-time data analytics to improve supply chain management and operational efficiency with the company’s cloud-based mobile app
  • available in two model sizes “Seed” (up to 500 pounds per day) and “Sprout” (up to 650 pounds per day)
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Peterson 471D horizontal grinder.

Peterson Pacific Corp., Eugene, Oregon, has introduced the Peterson 4710D horizontal grinder. Features include:

  • powered by a Tier IV Caterpillar C18 engine rated at 755 horsepower, with a Tier II 765 horsepower engine available as an alternative
  • 18 inches of ground clearance, making it suitable for land clearing operations or other applications with high mobility
  • a quick-change multiple grate system that is designed to customize grate configurations to produce a variety of finished material
  • Peterson’s Adaptive Control System, which monitors the grinding load and varies the speed of the feed system
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LiuGong vertical wheel loader.

LiuGong, a manufacturer of a full line of extreme-duty equipment with its North American headquarters in Katy, Texas, has introduced a vertical lift loader. According to the company, features include:

  • vertical lift loader arms mounted on an articulating frame
  • mechanical self-leveling Z-bar bucket linkage
  • a heavier tipping load and a higher lift height than conventional wheel loaders of the same power and weight
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Case Construction Equipment CX290D Material Handling.

Case Construction Equipment, Racine, Wisconsin, extends its D Series range of crawler excavators with a new model: the CX290D Material Handling, specifically designed and engineered for material handling applications. Features include:

  • an elevated cab structure that provides the operator with view of the working area from a height of 17 feet
  • a reversible fan to clean the radiators
  • available with goose necked arm and straight boom in the scrap loading version
  • a hydraulically operated emergency cab lowering device
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Kice Industries diverter valve.

Wichita, Kansas-based Kice Industries has introduced an upgraded diverter valve for Kice models 67Q2-2 through 67Q6-2 and 68Q2 through 68Q6 (2 inches to 6 inches in outside diameter). Features include:

  • a new guard engineered to remove potential pinch points, finger entry and equipment protection per American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B11.19-2010 and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.219 safety standards
  • field conversion kits for operators
  • 67-series diverter valves and 68-series bin fill valves are cast iron valves with tightly machined clearances
  • applications include pneumatic conveying, dust control and aspiration
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Pioneer PowerGlide tarping system.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Pioneer, a supplier of automated tarping systems for the waste, recycling and construction industries, is now offering its new HR2500 PowerGlide tarping system. Features include:

  • suitable for single- and multiaxle roll-off hoists
  • slides forward and backward 24 inches
  • an adjustable gantry that moves 60 to 96 inches
  • can be installed in less than eight hours
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Eye Trax wireless Pro Series and Mega Series camera systems.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Eye Trax, a global manufacturer of wireless camera systems, has added two new systems to its product line-up—the Mega series and the Predator series. Features include:

  • the Mega series cameras for security applications that require high-resolution images, up to 12 megabytes, of recorded events
  • the Predator series offers video and still image capabilities with 5 megapixels of resolution
  • available wireless and cellular networks to transmit information, eliminating the need for a computer, phone line, router or internet connection
  • solar powered with an internal battery
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