Fairbanks Scales FB6017 weighing instrument.

Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, has announced six new scale instruments based on the FB6000 design, including the FB6017. The new instruments are designed to be used in a variety of weighing applications, including as floor, blender, tank, truck, hopper and rail scales. Features of the FB6017 include:

  • uses Intalogix technology for onboard diagnostics and digital load cell communication
  • uses the standard scale-mounted smart sectional controllers, digital smart sectional controllers and 2801 intrinsically safe controllers
  • a 16-segment bright red LED display designed for easier-to-read text on the screen
  • available with three enclosure options: stainless steel desk mount/wall mount enclosure, panel mount enclosure and rack mount enclosure

Visit www.fairbanks.com for more information.

Kice Industries offset vane feeder.

Kice Industries, Wichita, Kansas, has introduced a new offset vane feeder to its product line. The new design will result in shorter lead times and lower costs, the company says. Features of Kice’s offset vane feeder include:

  • can bolt directly to an aspirator and provide a seal to protect against product leakage
  • rotary vane feeders are used to meter product out of storage tanks or into equipment
  • blend vane feeders provide a constant, volumetric rate of feed
  • built with heavy-duty, mild steel

Visit www.kice.com for more information.

Indeco IMH mulcher attachments.

Milford, Connecticut-based Indeco North America has introduced a mulching head attachment product line the company says can increase job site productivity and reduce costs by allowing mobile equipment operators to create mulch from land clearing debris and other materials. Features of the line include:

  • designed for a range of land clearing, site preparation, invasive vegetation management and storm damage and debris removal applications
  • uses an excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics
  • tailored to fit a wide range of carriers from five to 50 tons
  • available in 10 direct-drive and belt-driven models

Visit www.indeco-breakers.com for more information.

Toter 32-gallon medical waste cart.

Toter, a brand from Wastequip, Charlotte, North Carolina, and manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling and organics, has recently launched a new 32-gallon medical waste cart. The new cart was developed in response to customer demand for a smaller, more maneuverable cart. Features of the 32-gallon medical waste cart include:

  • biohazard compatible
  • suitable for use in a wide range of medical facilities, from offices and ambulatory care facilities to surgical centers and hospitals
  • loading rate of 112 pounds
  • available with two wheels or two wheels/two casters

Visit www.toter.com for more information.

Visual Workplace Inc. Floor-Mark high-performance tape.

Visual Workplace Inc., Byron Center, Michigan, has introduced Floor-Mark high-performance floor-marking tape. Marking floors is an efficient way to direct behavior, promote safety and reinforce workplace standards, according to the company, but industrial work environments create challenges for traditional tape and paint. Features include:

  • designed to withstand tough conditions, such as forklift traffic, hand trucks and material handling
  • “high bond” acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive provides protection, yet is flexible enough to conform to uneven surfaces
  • remains intact even with heavy vehicle traffic
  • easy to apply

Visit www.visualworkplaceinc.com for more information.

Doosan DL280-5 wheel loader.

‘Doosan Infracore North America LLC, Suwanee, Georgia, has extended its wheel loader lineup in the 3- to 4-cubic-yard-capacity range with the new DL280-5 model. It is designed to provide operators with enhanced performance and comfort as well as with increased uptime protection when working in general construction, scrap and waste handling applications, the company says. Features include:

  • manufactured with a standard Z-bar lift-arm linkage that is suitable for scooping, loading, carrying and general construction tasks
  • high-lift iteration provides an additional 18 inches of dump height
  • a wide fin radiator option provides better cooling with larger fin spacing, helping to filter out dust and debris
  • can be equipped with heavy-duty axles that allow operators to use solid tires

Visit www.doosanequipment.com for more information.

Tomra Sorting Recycling Sharp Eye technology.

Tomra Sorting Recycling, Asker, Norway, has introduced Tomra Sharp Eye technology, which the company says makes separating single-layer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) trays from PET bottles possible and enhances the capability of Tomra’s Autosort machine to separate multilayer trays. Features of Sharp Eye technology include:

  • designed to achieve higher and more consistent quality for new plastic food-grade packaging
  • can recognize molecular properties and differentiate between monolayer and multilayer trays from bottles
  • enhancement of Tomra’s Flying Beam technology
  • available for demonstrations by appointment at the company’s test centers

Visit www.tomra.com/en for more information.

Sennebogen 850 E Series material handler.

Stanley, North Carolina-based Sennebogen LLC recently introduced the new 850 E Series purpose-built material handler at the 2018 ISRI Convention & Exhibition, April 14-19, in Las Vegas. The new model features a Tier 4f-compliant engine from Cummins, Columbus, Indiana. Other features of the Sennebogen 850 E Series material handler include:

  • 134,200-pound operating weight
  • can be fitted with one of several boom and stick configurations
  • has a maximum reach of up to 69 feet
  • includes the latest version of the company’s Maxcab operator station

Visit www.sennebogen-na.com for more information.