Los Angeles County Republic workers approve five-year union contract

Photo: Adobestock

Los Angeles County waste workers approved a five-year contract negotiated by Teamsters Local 396, Covina, California, that will increase wages and improve the company’s contributions to workers’ health and pension plans. The workers are employed by Republic Services, Phoenix.

The 700-person unit voted on July 9 to back the agreement after working without a contract since January. It raises hourly pay for Republic drivers and mechanics. In addition, the company pledges to raise its contributions toward health and pension benefits each year of the contract.

“Thanks to their commitment, these Republic Services workers were able to win the strongest sanitation contract that has been negotiated by Local 396,” Ron Herrera, Local 396 secretary treasurer, says. “It sets a great standard for the future and provides the strongest job protection language ever negotiated by our local union in addition to fair wage increases, medical benefits and pension contributions, allowing them to provide a better future for their families.”

The Los Angeles contract story is the latest victory for the Teamsters, who have organized other company units across the country, including in Cleveland and Amanda, Ohio; Las Vegas; Dexter, Missouri; San Diego; and Sonoma County, California.

Herrera says the Local 396 agreement serves as another example for thousands of Teamster sanitation workers across the U.S. who continue to fight to have dignity and respect on the job.

For more information about Teamsters Local 396 and its members, visit www.teamsterslocal396.org.