Metso M&J FineShred 3550

The M&J FineShred 3550 from Metso, Helsinki, is the company’s new single shaft fine shredder with vertical feed for use in refuse derived fuel (RDF) production. Features include:

  • the shaft can be fitted with many different cutting tools
  • knives are available in different designs to suit the demands of different applications
  • the hydraulic system consists of a variable pump with power control, an integrated feed pump and a hydraulic motor mounted on each shaft
  • knives and knife holders are designed to provide easy fastening and changing
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Strautmann AutoLoad baler

Germany-based Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH recently exhibited its AutoLoad baler at LogiMat in Stuttgart, Germany. Features of the baler, which is distributed in the U.S. by Unlimited Recycling Resources LLC, Chino Hills, California, include:

  • an automatic collection and filling system
  • designed for retail stores or distribution centers
  • uses 53 tons of pressing force
  • compresses cardboard into an 881-pound bale
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SWANA landfill final cover systems report

A recent report issued by the Silver Spring, Maryland-based Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) documents the benefits of two alternatives to the conventional final cover systems prescribed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Features of the report, available for purchase online, include:

  • an evaluation of permitted final cover systems
  • an explanation of how exposed geomembrane cover systems do not install the vegetative, topsoil, infiltration and drainage layer components found in the EPA’s prescribed final cover systems
  • details on how engineered turf cover systems cover and protect the underlying geomembrane from UV radiation and oxidation and use a sand ballast to mitigate wind and landfill gas pressure issues
  • emphasis on evaluating the cover system’s service life
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Bunting Magnetics eddy current separation conveyor

Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, Kansas, unveiled its redesigned eddy current separation conveyor. Features of the conveyor include:

  • the magnetic rotor’s configuration and speed are designed to provide optimal separation and easier maintenance
  • a redesigned large diameter rotor that delivers stronger eddy current magnetic fields with higher gauss
  • separates nonferrous conductive metals, such as aluminum and copper, from dry recyclables, such as plastic flakes
  • magnetic rotor speeds of up to 3,600 revolutions per minute
  • available in 24-, 36-, 48- and 60-inch widths
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MODRoto Poly-Trux tilt trucks

MODRoto, Madison, Indiana, now offers its entire line of tilt trucks in 100 percent virgin, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic as standard. Features include:

  • rotationally molded in a single leak-proof piece with round corners and consistent wall thicknesses
  • designed to safely bounce back from sharp blows and heavy loads without cracking or distorting in shape
  • ideal for recycling and waste collection, picking and packing and for a variety of facility maintenance and operations
  • available in a choice of 5/8-cubic-yard, 1-cubic-yard and 1½-cubic-yard capacities to accommodate payloads of up to 2,200 pounds
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East Manufacturing lightweight tipper trailer

East Manufacturing, Randolph, Ohio, has introduced its lightweight tipper trailer, which is designed to maximize payload and provide the strength to handle the stresses of hauling refuse. Features include:

  • landing gear with extra-wide wing brackets, reversed-mount legs and diagonal support braces with C-channel cross members
  • tailgate available in side-swing, over-slung, center-split, airflow and leak-resistant options
  • plug-together wire harness eliminates junction boxes
  • stainless steel banded fifth-wheel assembly
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SP Industries CP-3002 compactor

SP Industries, Hopkins, Michigan, has introduced the CP-3002 industrial compactor with a dual-cylinder design. Features of the compactor include:

  • a top opening of 52 inches by 58 inches
  • a capacity of 3 cubic yards
  • volume displacement of 140/100 cubic yards per hour
  • maximum force of 101,800/138,500 pounds
  • suitable for handling packaging materials, wooden skids, crates and process scrap
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Air-Weigh BinMaxx XL on-board scale

Air-Weigh, Eugene, Oregon, has updated its on-board scale, the BinMaxx XL. The company describes the BinMaxx XL as a cost-effective, hassle-free solution for the refuse industry designed to better manage productivity and profitability. Features include:

  • a scale that captures every lift and downloads data automatically to an office computer through Bluetooth
  • transmits daily lift reports for each vehicle without using cloud data storage
  • a website that allows users to view customer details, including pickup fees and expected landfill charges per customer
  • the scale kit contains a complete BinMaxx scale, a GPS receiver, a Bluetooth transmitter for the truck cab and a Bluetooth receiver for the office computer
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