Dur-a-guard pedestrian truck guards.

Dur-a-guard, Union, New Jersey, manufactures protective guards designed to fill the exposed space between the first and rear wheels on heavy commercial trucks. The guards are meant to prevent pedestrians and bicyclists from getting swept under the truck and into the path of the tires. Features of the guards include:

  • made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • powder-coated for added protection in all weather conditions
  • custom sizes built to order
  • removable access rail to reach truck components
  • can be custom fitted to all vehicle makes and models
Visit www.dur-a-guard.com for more information.

Galbreath TH-14 trail hoist.

Galbreath, a manufacturer of hoists, container handlers and trailers headquartered in Winamac, Indiana, has recently launched its TH-14 trail hoist. The TH-14 can be used by small independent waste haulers, roofers, contractors, landscapers and municipalities looking for a piece of equipment for hauling applications. Features include:

  • A500 Grace C steel tubing and bracing
  • 14-gauge steel tread-plate fenders
  • dexter tandem axle spring suspension with two 7,200-pound drop shaft axles, electric brakes and emergency breakaway trailer breaks
  • 5/8-inch steel cable with 8-inch grease-grooved sheaves and molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) wear slides
Visit www.galbreathproducts.com for more information.

Spaleck 3D Combi Flip Flow screen.

Spaleck USA, the subsidiary of German-based equipment maker Spaleck, states a recent installation of its 3D Combi Flip Flow screen at Jarvis Metals Recycling in Lubbock, Texas, has helped that firm greatly increase its productivity when processing auto shredder residue (ASR). Features of the screen include:

  • uses a 36-inch replaceable impact plate
  • a heavy-duty 20-foot-long by 5.5-foot-wide screen
  • designed with six screening steps, each with a 6-inch drop to the next step
  • heavy-duty turning fingers designed to flip material and liberate fines from larger metal pieces while also entangling clingy or sticky material
Visit www.spaleck-us.com for more information.

Strautmann PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus70 vertical balers.

German equipment manufacturer Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH is marketing its PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus70 vertical baler models as ideal for handling recyclable materials including cardboard, plastic film and foam and resins, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Features of the balers include:

  • a pressing force of three to 70 metric tons
  • the QuickDoor swing/sliding door
  • integrated plates or clamps inside the press chamber called CircleSystem designed to reduce the re-expansion of the compressed material
  • a hydraulic door lock called HydroClose designed to prevent unexpected openings of the baler door
Visit www.strautmann-umwelt.de for more information.

General Kinematics Apex vibratory equipment monitoring device.

General Kinematics (GK), Crystal Lake, Illinois, has introduced Barrier, a vibratory equipment monitoring device. The Barrier line includes Apex, Vertex and Nomadx. Features of the Apex include:

  • can fit in the user’s pocket to travel with the maintenance team
  • can be placed on any vibratory equipment to track vibrations, strokes, frequencies and other traits
  • connects with GK’s free smartphone app and opens into a smart device, allowing users to view their equipment’s data in real time
  • plans maintenance schedules based on real data
  • can send data to GK’s field service team
Visit www.generalkinematics.com for more information.

Cardinal Scale’s Armor series digital struck scales.

The new Armor series digital truck scales with SmartCell load cells by Cardinal Scale, Webb City, Missouri, are designed for long-lasting endurance, minimal upkeep and with internet of things monitoring convenience. Features of the scales include:

  • 135-ton capacity
  • 50-ton concentrated load capacity (CLC)
  • SmartCell stainless steel waterproof digital load cells
  • load cell stands fabricated from one-inch-thick steel
  • internet of things-enabled iSite remote monitoring software
Visit www.cardinalscale.com for more information.

Presona 40 OH channel baler.

Sweden-based Presona’s 40 OH hydraulic horizontal channel baler was developed for efficient waste paper handling for the packaging and printing industry, the company says. Features of the 40 OH hydraulic horizontal channel baler include:

  • fully automatic horizontal strapping unit with four strapping wires
  • photocell system in the feed hopper that controls the material flow and press operation
  • compact design
  • hydraulic power pack and oil tank directly mounted to the baler
  • designed to emit low noise levels
Visit www.presona.se/en for more information.

Tomra Laser Object Detection system.

German-based Tomra Sorting has introduced its new Laser Object Detection (LOD) system that, when used in combination with its AutoSort and Finder devices, is designed to boost a plant’s sorting capabilities. Features of the system include:

  • laser technology that sorts based on the feed material’s spectral and spatial characteristics
  • can boost final product purity by as much as 4 percent, according to the company
  • modular design can be added the system onto the same platform as existing Tomra sorting equipment or can be added as a standalone sorting stage
  • mechanically mounted to a platform in an arrangement that allows for both large and small feed material to pass under the laser without blockage
  • can sort glass, plastic material and black plastic from paper
Visit www.tomra.com for more information.